Monday 1215 - San Paulo, Brazil (4 hour layover)
Last night I enjoyed my final meal,  a fantastic Italian dinner overlooking the downtown Buenos Aires marina.

I am now currently choosing my boat slip for when I sail back.  

Buenos Aires revisited; LOVE IT.   In addition to Paris and New York add London, England to the mix

Note: A nights sleep, ridiculous food prices and a new language to learn have dispelled the aforementioned idea

2014  Bogota, Colombia (3 hour layover)
Almost home!  Its been a long day, but feels great to be back in Colombia. 

Tuesday 2302
In my bed in Medellin typing away having just watched USA beat Costa Rica & Colombia defeat Paraguay.. good day!

To Follow Dreams
Nothing ever goes as planned, but I do feel I have done a pretty good job at this over the past  8 months.

An incredibly exciting, challenging,  hard, sad, fun, stressful, awesome and unbelievable experience on every level.

Living here has given me just a bit more confidence to follow instincts and just do what feels right.

Unforeseen events are the norm, not the anomaly. 

The more I accept this the more at peace I become with my fears and myself.

We are creatures of connection despite at times our best efforts to separate & distance ourselves.

Sharing struggles, sharing pleasures, sharing this blog.

We live for each other, we hopefully die next to one another.

Onwards to the next adventure and love to everybody reading this.. "my nest" as brother Joe Joe would say.

Note: Be sure to check out the item I found that we need to bring to Claybrook in "In America"!!
Standard Street Montevideo
Lotta Locks..still Monte
Baller Building!
Monte has a navy!
Don't get hit John!! Now we are in Aires de Buenos
Gift from the Brits.. they used to be friends until the Falklands
Standard Building
The Laguna.. Central Park on Steriods
Look this way then...
The Other Direction
The final meal preparing for next adventure, savoring the end of this one
The next adventure